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About Inside Out Thought Bubbles

 General information about the app, including features, requirements, and troubleshooting.

Can I sync and save my progress?

 Learn more about playing on multiple devices.

What are the different power-ups?

 Learn more about the Line Power, Rainbow Memory, and Extra Choices power-ups.

What are the different types of orbs?

 Learn how to use Faded Memories, Cloudy Memories, Random Thoughts, Super Chargers, and more.

How do I play?

 Learn how to make matches, use the Launcher, and charge your Emotion's power-up.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles – Missing Purchases

 Learn how to request a refund.

What are the different level types?

 Learn about the levels Clear All Memories, Skill Shots, Rescue Mission, and Avoid the Line.

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