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Why am I getting the error message: Could Not Find Opponent?

posted on 2017/10/10

Updated 10/10/17

Members of the Empire, as well as the Rebellion have reported CNFO errors during gameplay.

Please know that the STAR WARS™: Commander team is aware and working diligently to resolve this issue and restore order to the galaxy. Your patience is appreciated.


The CNFO error  (“Could not find opponent”) can occur for various reasons:
  • You've skipped a number of potential battles so there are no other Commanders to battle. To avoid this error, help the cause by engaging in more battles.
  • Commanders with extremely high ABR (Average Base Rating) scores may have fewer opponents in their range to battle.
  • High level squads may have fewer opponents in their range to battle.
  • A large number of Commanders are currently online and can't be attacked until they're offline. This can occur near the end of conflicts when a large number of players are online. 
  • A matchmaking issue is occurring and the production team is investigating.
Here are ways to improve your matchmaking:
  • Set up on a planet with a high population. Tap Play, then select the Galaxy Map to see which Planets currently have higher populations.
  • Prepare your resources for moves to other planets. Make the jump when a conflict breaks out on one.
  • Battle during times when other Commanders are less likely to be online.

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