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Why am I being matched up with a stronger opponent?

posted on 2017/03/15

There are various reasons you can be matched against a higher ranked Commander:
  • You have a high medal count for a Commander of your level.
  • There are very few Commanders around your level.
  • You're on a planet with a low population.
  • You've skipped many potential battles.
  • A large number of Commanders are currently online and can't be attacked until they're offline. This can occur near the end of conflicts when a large number of players are online. 
Here are ways to improve your matchmaking:
  • Prepare your resources for moves to planets with higher populations. Tap Play, then select the Galaxy Map to see which planets currently have higher populations.
  • Don't skip battles against opponents near your level.
  • Battle during times when other Commanders are less likely to be online.

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