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What happened to my LucasArts or Star Wars account?

posted on 2014/07/03

As we begin a journey into an exciting new era of Star Wars, it's time for a fully armed and operational online Star Wars experience. So we're thrilled to let you know that Lucasfilm is launching an all-new StarWars.com -- with movie, TV, and video game news, innovative features, and more in-depth original content than ever before.

And as a loyal StarWars.com visitor and Star Wars fan, we want you to be a part of it. Here's how.

Introducing the Disney account. You can register now for a Disney account at StarWars.com, giving you exclusive access to upcoming special features, Force-filled digital experiences, and lots more. It will be your first step into a larger world of Star Wars. Disney sites, games, and interactive experiences will also be accessible.

As we transition to Disney account, your existing StarWars.com account will be deleted. But don't worry -- your new Disney account is more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

For step by step instructions on creating your Disney account for StarWars.com, please visit STAR WARS™ Account - Setup and General Info


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