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What do I do if I've uninstalled the game and lost my progress?

posted on 2017/02/06

If you've previously synced your game, you should be able to recover any lost progress. Choose the method you had synced your game for instructions:

Android - Google Play
iOS - Game Center

If you're still having difficulties after trying these steps, please click here. 

1. Install STAR WARS™: Commander
2. Tap the Settings icon on the right-hand side of the screen
3. Select Log In to connect to Facebook. Ensure that you are logging in with the same Facebook account as you previously were.

Your progress should be automatically pushed to your device.

Android - Google Play
When you open Star Wars™: Commander, you'll be asked to log in to your Google Play account. To do this, enter the Google Play ID and password that you had previously used when syncing your game.
Image of Google Play log in screen
Once you've logged in, your game progress should load.
When you open Star Wars™: Commander, you'll be asked to log in to your Game Center account. To do this, enter your Apple ID and password.

Log into Game Center

Once you've logged in, your game progress should load.

We aren't able to recover lost data and re-attach it to a device. However, we can assist you with getting started on your new account. Click the Contact button below to send us an email with the following information:
  • Your original Player ID 
  • Your current Player ID
STAR WARS™: Commander - Tap Settings
STAR WARS™: Commander - Tap About
STAR WARS™: Commander - Player ID
Please have screenshots of any purchase receipts from your original account ready, as we will ask for them in our reply.



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