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Doc McStuffins: Baby Nursery

What are the activities in Doc McStuffins: Baby Nursery?

posted on 2017/07/27

Doc McStuffins: Baby Nursery - Nursery Doc McStuffins: Baby Nursery - Activities+

Welcome to the McStuffins Toy Hospital Nursery! There are six different activities you can enjoy with your baby doll:

Doc McStuffins: Baby Nursery - Changing Station
Changing Station
Tap the diaper to send it to the diaper bin and change your baby doll. Scroll through and tap to select a new outfit for your toy baby. Tap the check mark when you’re happy with your baby doll’s outfit.

Doc McStuffins: Baby Nursery - Meal Time

Meal Time
Your baby doll looks hungry. Drag a spoon to your baby doll’s mouth for a bite. Drag the bottle to your toy baby’s mouth for a drink. Choose a bib from the tray and drag it over to your baby doll. To clean up, drag the towel over and wipe your baby doll’s face.

Doc McStuffins: Baby Nursery - Peek-a-boo
Choose a face from the tray and drag it onto the blanket. Pull down the blanket to see how your baby doll responds.

Doc McStuffins: Baby Nursery - Nap Time
Nap Time
Rocking helps your baby doll go to sleep. Touch the cradle; swipe gently left and right to rock your baby doll. Tap Flicker to change the lighting in the room.  Tap Millie to cycle through or turn off the music. The mobile will help soothe your baby doll. Select and drag items from the tray to redecorate the mobile. Swipe left or right to spin the mobile. 

Doc McStuffins: Baby Nursery - Play Time
Play Time
Tap your baby doll’s toes to start playing. Choose from the rattle, froggy and other toys to play with or tap to tickle your baby doll.

Doc McStuffins: Baby Nursery - Bath Time
Bath Time
It’s time to give your baby doll a bath. Use the shampoo to wash your baby doll’s hair. Drag the soap and scrub your baby doll.  Touch and hold the shower nozzle to rinse your baby doll off. Use the towel to dry off.


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