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Tips – STAR WARS™ App

posted on 2015/12/04

You can use the following tips to improve your experience while using the Star Wars™ App:
  • Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection, or an unlimited data plan – Using features like Augmented Reality, Force Trainer, and Jakku Spy require downloading large files. A strong Wi-Fi connection is recommended.
  • If you're having trouble exiting Jakku Spy after a video has finished playing in Google Cardboard or Magic Window mode, shift your gaze to the Exit VR button.
Shift gaze to Exit VR in Google Cardboard
  • If you're having trouble exiting Jakku Spy in Magic Window mode, look for a small white dot in the middle of your screen. Turn your device to the right to move the dot over to Exit VR. The icon will turn white prior to closing.
Turn your device so white dot moves over to Exit VR. Move white dot over to right to exit Jakku Spy mode.
  • After launching Jakku Spy and calibrating your Google Cardboard on an iOS device, tapping Continue sends you in a loop. You can resolve this issue by selecting Back in the top left hand corner of your screen.
Select Back to proceed to Jakku Spy feature after calibrating your Google Cardboard.


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