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What do the different icons do in STAR WARS™: Commander?

posted on 2017/07/07

Check out the list below for a breakdown of each icon's purpose and function:
Image of the cancel buttonCancel

Click cancel to exit the menu without further changes.
Image of the Clear Debris iconClear Debris

Clear Small, Medium and Large Rocks and Junk by clicking Clear Debris. You may find Crystals!
Image of the Collect Credits iconCollect Credits

Tap collect to gather coins used in building and upgrading your base, and training troops.
Image of the Collect Alloys iconCollect Alloy

Tap collect to gather Alloy used in building and upgrading your base.
Image of the Collect Contraband icon
Collect Contraband
Tap collect to gather Contrband used in hiring mercenaries.
Image of the Finish Now icon
Image of the Finish icon
Image of the Instant icon
Finish Now/
Tap to instantly complete a process by paying crystals. 
Image of the Mobilize iconMobilize Hero

Tap Mobilize Hero in your Hero Command to prepare elite unites for combat.
Image of the Info iconInfo

Tap a building to learn about its capabilities, hitpoints, capacity, and production rate.

Tapping a Turret also displays its Range, Damage Type, Damage Per Second, and Favorite Target.

Image of the Inventory buttonInventory

Access the Inventory via your Headquarters.

Items are added to your inventory by winning timed campaign missions, or purchasing booster packs.

Image of the Move iconMove

Tap the move icon to enter base edit mode.
Image of the Request Troops iconRequest Troops

You may request troops every 60 min. Available Squad members can donate to assist you.
Image of the Request Troops iconResearch

Improve your units to be effective against the enhanced defenses of your opponents.

Upgrade your Research Center to unlock even stronger units, heroes, vehicles and other improvements.

Image of the Squad iconSquad

Found on the right side of the screen after joining a squad. 

Use your Squad Center to team up with others for mutual support and communication, and to create a unified force.

Image of the Commission Starship buttonCommission Starship

Select a Starship to mobilize. When your base is attacked, you can use your readied starships to strike the attackers.

Use Campaign Points during campaigns to gain the ability to commission starship strikes of your own.

Image of the Swap Turret iconSwap Turret

Change your turret type. The turret will retain its upgrade level, but you must pay for the construction cost involved.
Image of the Train iconTrain

After each battle you will need to retrain troops for your next battle.
Image of the Upgrade iconUpgrade

Upgrade the barracks to unlock new types of infantry with more specialized roles.

Upgrade your resource buildings to increase their production and storage.

Upgrade your structures to also increase their hit points and their abilities.

Image of the Galaxy Map iconGalaxy Map
Relocate to a different Planet with accumulated Stars or a Crystal purchase through your Planetary Command. Earn Stars by winning battles when you “Attack a Rival.” You need 20 total stars to relocate or you can spend Crystals.
Image of the Hire iconHire
Select a Mercenary to Hire using Contraband through your Cantina.
Image of Next Battle iconNext Battle
Check your Scout Tower to see when your next Heroic Defense attack is scheduled.
Image of the Rebel insigniaImage of the Empire insignaFaction
Your faction's insignia is displayed in the upper left. Wear it proudly. 

Your ID, Squad name, and Rank is to the right of the insignia.

The more victories, the higher your Rank. Rank is a visual trophy and does not affect gameplay.


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