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How do I use Jakku Spy in the STAR WARS App?

posted on 2015/12/03

Launching the Feature
Select Jakku Spy on the dashboard of the Star Wars app. You will be prompted to allow files to download for this feature. You can always delete these files from your Profile or manage usage later to free up space on your device.
Once you have downloaded the feature it will check for updates and display a Health and Safety warning. Please read it carefully.
The first time you launch this feature you will be asked if you have a Google Cardboard.  Google Cardboard's can be purchased from a wide range of places including www.google.com/get/cardboard/get-cardboard and in Verizon stores.
If you don’t have a Google Cardboard, don’t worry, you can view the messages using Magic Window mode.  Simply select that icon and hold your phone in Landscape Mode.

Select Jakku Spy on the main screen This feature is currently downloading message in app Select whether you have a Google Cardboard on the screen

Downloading Messages

To download messages you'll need to be connected to Wifi, or your cellular data network. Please note that the message video files are fairly large and will count against your cellular data allowance if applicable. Once a message is downloaded you do not need to be connected to replay the experience.
On the main menu, you will see a list of messages. These will be will be released over time leading up to the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so depending on when you first launch Jakku Spy, you may see that some or all message are available to download.  Click the Message Available buttons to download them one at a time.
When a message is downloaded, you'll be able to select Play Message to view it.


When you view a message using Google Cardboard for the first time, you will be asked to calibrate.  Aim your camera at the bar code on your Cardboard.  When it has been successfully registered you will see it listed on the Settings screen.  Click the Back button in the top left to continue on to the experience. Then click Play to view instructions for placing your device in the Cardboard.
 Scan bar code on your Google Cardboard Google Cardboard displayed in Current Viewer Magic Window Instructions

Magic Window

If you don't have a Google Cardboard and would like to view the experience using your phone, select the Magic Window icon (which looks like a smart phone) and tap Play on an available message. You will then see instructions and a Continue button.
NOTE: You can toggle between Cardboard and Magic Window anytime using the buttons at the bottom of the menu screen.

Viewing Messages

These are 360-degree videos, so look around to explore. Wearing headphones greatly enhances the experience.
At the conclusion of each video you will receive a holographic message and then see a Collectible card.

Holigraphic Message Collectible Card

To save the Collectibles and make selections during the videos simply use your eyes as a cursor. You will see a white dot representing the focus of your gaze. Center clickable items in your view, and focus your gaze on them to select. You will notice an animation confirming your selection.

Save Collectible Cards -1 Save Collectible Cards - 2

This is how you save Collectible cards, replay messages, and exit VR.
When you have downloaded more than one video, you will see a visual menu below the Collectible that will allow you to select and replay any available videos. 

Sharing Collectibles

On the main menu, you can see the Collectible Cards that you have collected below the Message buttons. Click on a card to view it. You can save Collectible Cards to your camera roll by tapping the download button that appears in the top right.

Select Collectibles Card Collectible Card - Save image

Deleting Messages – Manage Usage Options

Since this feature includes large video files, we have added a feature to the Profile section of the app that allows you to delete content.
You can do this for Jakku Spy, Augmented Reality, and Force Trainer. Simply click the Eject buttons to delete content. 
If you want to enjoy features again after deleting them, you can launch them from the main dashboard and download them again. 


Device Requirements

For the best experience, we recommend using this app on a Samsung Galaxy S4/Google Nexus 4 and equivalent or an iPhone 5 or higher running iOS 8.4.1 and above (OS 9 for best results). Gyroscope is required. This feature will not play on iPods.

Headphones are highly recommended. Unlimited Data or Wifi are strongly recommended for initial downloads of this feature.


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