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How do I use GIFs in the STAR WARS™ app?

posted on 2016/02/12

The STAR WARS™ App features themed animated GIFs you can add to your messages! (Android Users, click here)

1. From the main hub, tap GIFs.

2. Browse through and tap the GIF you would like to use.
STAR WARS App - Browse and select GIF

3. The GIF will be put on your clipboard and available to paste.
STAR WARS App - Copied; paste GIF

4. Open a new message and paste in your GIF.
New message window - iOS

GIF pasted in text message on iOS


For Android Users:

Since there are so many variations of Android devices and varying ways applications choose to handle (or not handle) copying and pasting of GIFs and Emojis, the decision was made not to allow it. Instead the option for three different ways of sharing GIFs and Emojis was provided:

1. Share to any application via native Android share. To do this, you will need to login. You will then see a share button in the upper right-hand corner. If you tap this, you will be able to share the GIF or Emoji via any application you have installed that allows sharing of images.

2. Save to device and share. If you save the GIF or Emoji to you device’s photo album, you can share it through any application that supports photo sharing, just like you would with a photo you take with your device.

3. Copy and paste link. This works well for applications that support image link sharing, such as Twitter and Facebook.


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