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How do I take a selfie in the STAR WARS™ App?

posted on 2015/07/08

Picture yourself in the Star Wars galaxy by taking a selfie in the STAR WARS™ App.
STAR WARS App - Selfie

Customize your selfie with different Star Wars themed costumes, characters and backgrounds.
STAR WARS App - Selfie
  • Tap the Foreground Character icon to cycle through costumes for your selfie
  • Tap the Background Character icon to choose from different characters to add to the scene
  • Tap the Lightsaber icon to change its color (Jedi and Sith only)
  • Tap the Landscape icon to choose from various Star Wars locations for your scenery
  • Tap the Character Position (arrows) icon to change the placement of the background character
Once you have the shot composed to your liking, tap the Camera icon to take your selfie. After you take your selfie, you can download or save to your device, share or delete and take another.

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