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How do I play in Lightsaber Versus mode?

posted on 2018/05/04

Engage other players in dynamic duels with Lightsaber Versus Mode:
  1. Launch Star Wars: Jedi Challenges
  2. Select Play and choose the 2 Players option
  3. NOTE: Each player will need their own mobile device and hardware, including lightsaber, beacon and headset to play.
  4. Turn on both beacons and place them 3 feet apart in the center of an open play area. Each beacon needs to be a different color – one blue and one pink.
  5. Complete the in-app configuration and hardware (headset and lightsaber) syncing.
  6. Before Lightsaber Versus mode can be launched, both players must be connected to the same wifi connection. Make sure to check your devices' settings to confirm.
  7. Once both players are connected to the same wifi, select "Start Setup" to enter Lightsaber Versus mode.

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