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How do I attack and defend against other players?

posted on 2017/03/14

You can't win a war without boots on the ground and ships in the air. Run through our field manual for help on Attacking and Defending:

1. Tap the Play button to prepare for battle (Note: Ensure you have troops trained and ready in your barracks).

Image of the Play button circled

2. Tap Find a Match

Image of the planet menu

3. Your opponent is in sight! Tap a unit at the bottom of the screen and then tap on the map to deploy them.
(Note: You can decline a match and find a different opponent by pressing Next Battle).

Image of a battle about to begin


1. When away from the app, other Commanders will take a shot at your base. The placement of your turrets and traps will be a major factor in how well your automated defenses do.

2. When you log back in to Star Wars™: Commander a report of your defenses will pop up. Take advantage of the Replay option to see where your defenses fared best. You can review your battles later by tapping on Battle Logs.

Image of a battle log

3. You can review your performance at anytime by tapping on the Battle Log icon.

Image of the Battle Log button highlighted

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