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Who are the Emotions?

posted on 2017/08/25

Joy - Level 1 Joy - Unlocked at level 1

Match yellow orbs to fill up Joy's power-up. Tap it to load it in the Launcher, then fire away! Joy's power-up clears orbs of any color in a burst.

Joy Power Charged
Tap Joy's Power


Sadness - level 15 Sadness - Unlocked at level 15

Sadness' power-up creates a cloud that spreads and turns all orbs in a line blue, knocking out anything beneath them!

Sadness Power-up Tap Sadness Memories


Anger - Level 51 Anger - Unlocked at level 51

Anger's power-up creates a fireball that clears a path through orbs in a line!

 Anger Power-up  Anger Power-up Charged


Disgust Disgust – unlocked at level 126

Disgust's power creates a wave that removes a color!

Disgust's power-up Disgust's power-up charged


Image of unlocked emotion Fear Fear – unlocked at level 201

Fear's power creates a bouncing Memory that clears all colors it hits!

Image of Fear's frantic power-up Image that says "Fears power is charged. Tap to load!"


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