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What are the different levels on the Summer Map?

posted on 2017/03/21

Check out the Summer Levels below!

Summer Levels

Drop the Items Level 1 – "Drop the Items." Drop all items required to the bottom of the board to collect them.

Feed Ghosts Level 33 – "Feed Ghosts." Ghosts will eat adjacent tiles the same color as themselves. When they've eaten ten crystals they fly away!

Fill the Cauldrons Level 45 – "Fill the Cauldrons." Fill the required amount of cauldrons with four pieces of candy.

Collect Leaves Level 61 – "Collect Leaves." Make a match adjacent to the pile of leaves and tap on the falling leaves to collect them.

Holiday Lights Level 91 – "Holiday Lights." Make a match next to the flashing light bulb to light it up. Be sure to go in order, or the light bulbs won't light up!

Holiday Ornaments Level 96 – "Holiday Ornaments." Ornaments can be used to make matches with normal crystals. Make matches with enough ornaments to advance


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