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What are the different levels on the Endless map?

posted on 2017/03/21

Check out the Endless Map levels below!
Snowgie Piles Level 1 – "Snowgie Piles" – Make a match next to the Snowgies to send a helpful Snowgie in the opposite direction.

Birthday Cake Level 2 – "Birthday Cake" – Drop the cake to the bottom of the board, or have a Snowgie eat them.

Ice Cream Cones Level 15 – "Ice Cream Cones" – Make matches next to scoops to fill up the Ice Cream Cones. Collect Cones to win the level!

Mystery Box
Level 46 – "Drop the Items" – Make three matches next to a Mystery Box to reveal new items and tiles.

Level 76 - Fruits Level 76 – "Collect Fruit" – Make matches next to a fruit tree to grow it. Make a match next to the tree to collect it!

Fruits do not appear right away once you've collected one. Make a match three times for another one to grow.

Level 106 - Oaken's Sauna Level 106 – "Oaken's Sauna" – Make a match next to a sauna to trigger steam in the opposite direction; removes up to five tiles!

Geyers level Level 136 – "Geysers" – Erupt the Geysers by making three matches next to them. Trigger enough Geyser tiles to win the level.

Olaf's Recipe - Level 166 Level 166 – "Olaf’s Recipe" – Complete enough of Olaf’s Recipes by breaking tiles indicated on Olaf’s sign.

Image of Pumpkin Boxes in Level 196 Level 196 – "Pumpkin Boxes" – Complete sets of pumpkin boxes by dropping ice crystals that match their color.

Image of Lanterns in Level 226 Level 226 – "Lanterns" – Make a match next to a lantern to light it up.

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