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How do I unlock Dug?

posted on 2018/03/16

He just met you, but he loves you! Unlock Dug in Disney Emoji Blitz!

To unlock the Dug emoji:
  • First, make sure you have updated Disney Emoji Blitz (1.6.1 or later)
  • Launch Disney Emoji Blitz and log into your Facebook account; click here for more info.
  • Once you've connected with Facebook, tap the Leaderboards tab and then tap the "Get a Dug emoji" button.
Disney Emoji Blitz - Unlock Dug!
  • You will receive prizes for having your Facebook friends connected to Disney Emoji Blitz. When you reach 10 connected friends, you will unlock Dug! Remember, you can also tap the Invite Friends button on the Leaderboards tab to connect friends!

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