New Articles

Why is there not enough space to buy a special bundle?

Learn to fix the "There is not enough space in your base layout to place this building" error.

How do I unlock the Augmented Reality experience?

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Why can't I find the player or squad I'm searching for?

Learn about issues searching for friends.

What are the resources in STAR WARS™: Commander?

Learn more about Credits, Crystals and Alloy and how they are used in STAR WARS™: Commander.

Obtaining Crash Logs

Learn how to locate crash logs on your computer to help troubleshoot technical issues.

How do I send an email about my recent STAR WARS™: Commander purchase?

Learn how to contact us for assistance with a purchase.

What happened to my Protection time?

Learn more about Protection time and how it's displayed in game.

How do I use my donated troops?

Learn more about how you can use donated troops in battle.

Windows 8 Phone – Free Space

Learn how to check your device's settings.

Windows 8 Phone – Update Software

Learn how to update to the latest software.